Deluxe Suede Quilted Waterproof Hammock Car Seat Cover

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✔ TOP OF THE LINE PROTECTION for your back seat with side seat flap to protect against all elements

✔ 100 % Suede and Quilted for luxurious comfort and maximum durability

✔ 3 layers of protection with waterproofing

✔ Reinforced headrest straps and clips

✔ ANTI-SLIP BACKING material and adjustable straps to prevent movement while in motion or during sudden stops

✔ SAFETY: Dual Velcro Seat Belt Openings allows unrestricted access to seat belt buckles for your pets, baby car seat and passengers

✔ Side Flaps for added protection

✔ ADJUSTABLE STRAPS with clips for care-free installation

✔ 3 Months Limited Warranty