InSassy AC Adapter Power Supply Cord for xBox One - Replacement Charger Accessory Kit with Cable

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✔ WORKS FOR ALL XBOX ONE MACHINES – Tired of the unreliable cheaply priced replacement units or getting burn by the higher priced ones which claims to be premium? Then buy the InSassy xBox ONE replacement unit which been around since the old 360 days as the Proven Brand for aftermarket replacements. Our AC adapter are plug & play and performs extremely well with any Xbox One console.
✔ RELIABLE POWER WHEN YOU MOST NEED IT – Tired of the power cutting out when you are about to level up in your game? Then the InSassy xBox ONE AC Adapter with 9 Feet long power cord is the solid replacement unit you need to get you going again, or just have as a backup.
✔ AUTO VOLTAGE GLOBAL ADAPTER – Never get left behind again when you have to travel overseas or on vacation with the InSassy xBox ONE Auto Voltage Worldwide Global Adaptor. You can now play with your xBox ONE anywhere in the world without having to worry about damaging your unit due to Voltage concerns.
✔ WORLDWIDE SAFE INPUTS - Input: AC 100-240V 4.91A 50-60Hz Output: DC 220W 12v-17.9A 5Vsb-1.0A LED Status Light - Green: Power on, Orange: Stand-BY
✔ WARRANTY - Limited 6 Months Warranty protects against original defects in material or workmanship under normal use for the duration of the warranty period.

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