PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan w/ Dual Charger Ports Charging Station with USB Ports

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InSassy TM PlayStation 4 Vertical Cooling Stand w/Dual Charger Ports for 2 PS4 Dual Shock Controllers and 3 USB Ports. Keep your PS4 cool and steady with the InSassy TM PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand and keep your room sleek and stealthy. This multi-function station not only keep your PS4 nice and chilled, but can improve the life span of your beloved console. Its packed with extra features like 2 charging ports for your controllers and 3 USB ports for your other accessories to keep everything stealthy and organized.


2 Cooling Fans Sleek Vertical Stand 3 USB Ports
2 Controller Charger Docks Stealth Design Console

Compatibility: Sony PlayStation 4

Dimension: L 14" x H 1" x W 5.25"
Weight: 2 lb
Your Purchase:  QTY 1 InSassy TM PlayStation 4 Vertical Cooling Stand,  QTY 1 USB cable. Note: Controller and console not included