InSassy Emergency LED Light Camping Lantern – Rechargeable Bright Work Car Lamp with Magnetic Base

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✔ VERSATILE AND MULTI-PURPOSE - This LED Night Light with its multiple lighting capabilities and portable design can be use in almost any situations you have planned or unplanned. It can be used in numerous ways such as bedside lighting, night light, mood lighting for special occasions, camping lantern, walking light, emergency or maintenance lighting for your car and home and more.
✔ PORTABLE, DURABLE WITH GENIUS DESIGN - Constructed with high quality ABS material, measuring 8” in height, 3” in diameter and weighting just 9.5 ounces, this LED Travel Lamp is extremely durable and portable for all type of indoor & outdoor activities. A strong magnet is ingeniously embedded on the bottom of the light housing which allows the lamp to be placed in any direction on all metallic surfaces while an all-purpose hook on the top conveniently allows you to hang or carry it anywhere.
✔ ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHTING MODES - With its clever design, this LED Camping Lantern has 4 different lighting modes with adjustable brightness level for your specific application. You can easily cycle thru each one of the 4 modes (Lighting, Night-Light, Mood, SOS) and brightness level by pulling on the lamp handle. Lighting Mode - 6500k White, Night-Light Mode – 2700K Warm, Mood Mode – 7 Colors, SOS Mode – Red Blinker
✔ SPEED CHARGE AND ENERGY ECO SAVER - With it’s built in 1200mA lithium ion battery, this ECO friendly rechargeable LED Lamp achieves full charge in just 4 hours with a operation time of up to 8 hours depending on usage. You will never have to buy regular batteries again!
✔ DEPENDABLE QUALITY PRODUCT - This LED light will become your go to lighting source should any emergencies arises whether you are in home, on the road or just outdoors doing anything. It’s quality construction and design will be something you can depend on for for years to come. 1 Year warranty will be available thru InSassy for anything against workmanship of the product.