AquaNine OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Setup Guide

OBD2 Bluetooth Pairing

  • Make sure your vehicle is OBD2 compatible
  • Locate your car’s OBD2 diagnostic port and plug in your scanner. It’s usually found under the driver’s side dashboard, beneath the steering wheel
  • Turn on your ignition by turning your key to the 2nd turn. The engine will be off, but this provides power to your dash lights, radio and also the OBD2 diagnostic port
  • From your Android Smartphone or Tablet, go to SETTINGS, then WIRELESS & NETWORKS, then BLUETOOTH SETTINGS. Turn on Bluetooth, scan for the nearby devices and pair your phone with the scanner. The name of the scanner will vary depending on the model

Android Application Connection

  • Our scanners require password to connect, the default password is 1234
  • Open your preferred OBD2 App. Go to the Settings page and pair with the Bluetooth Scanner
  • Make sure its connected and then go back to the App’s main menu to enjoy its features

Download Demo Apps:

Bluetooth Pairing Issues:

  • Unpair any existing Bluetooth devices such as a headset or speaker
  • Make sure the App is not running in the background. Close the app before pairing
  • If the password 1234 doesn’t work, try 12345 or 0000
  • Turn off Bluetooth, turn it back on and re-scan for the device

Android Application Connection Issues:

  • Make sure the paired OBD2 scanner is selected within the app’s settings if it won’t connect
  • Restart the Application