Weatherproof Anti No Bark Shock Dog Training Collar Device

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Weatherproof Anti No Bark Shock Small Medium Large Dog Training Collar Device

At first bark, Ergo No Bark Training Collar will deliver a short warning tone. When a second bark is detected within thirty seconds of the first bark, a louder warning tone will be delivered.
On the third bark, a more intense warning tone will sound follow by a short, mild static stimulation.

✔ Power Saving Design Receiver with Sleep / Auto Protect Mode

✔ Semi-Automatic Bark Control Collar

✔ 7 Adjustable Sensitivity Correction Levels

✔ Progressive Correction : Sound and Static Shock

✔ Durable and Adjustable Nylon Collar

✔ Nylon Collar is 22" in length, can be cut to size of dog's neck

✔ Fits Small, Medium and Large Dogs

✔ Weatherproof Receiver ( water resistant but not waterproof )

✔ 6 Volt Battery Required ( Included)

Your Purchase:

QTY: 1 Receiver

QTY: 1 Nylon Collar

QTY: 1 Test Bulb Kit

QTY: 4 Contact Points ( 2 Short  and 2 Medium )

QTY: 1 Operation Manual in English

QTY: 1 6 Volt Battery