Essentials Waterproof Hammock Car Seat Cover

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✔ WATERPROOF dog seat covers for cars Hammock style made with Oxford 600D fabric will keep your car seats new and tidy while transporting your pets, kids and loved ones.

✔ TOP OF THE LINE PROTECTION - Our pet seat cover offers the best protection for your back seats against scratches, claw marks, dirt, pet hair, spills and more.

✔ DUAL STORAGE POCKETS - Essential dog seat cover has dual storage pockets for easy storage of toys, leashes, grooming supplies, water bottle, treats and more.

✔ NON-SLIP DESIGN -  pet seat cover has Non-Slip backing along with Seat Anchors and Adjustable Straps to prevent movement while in motion or during sudden stops.

✔ SAFETY: Dual Velcro Seat Belt Openings allows unrestricted access to seat belt buckles for your pets, baby car seat and passengers